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    Yes John, I concur. And the minimum performance solution required for any of these products, used for wall and roof cladding is for FP 1.4- Weatherproofing and FV 1.1 Weatherproofing, for an application which meet Specification C1.1 and are not being ...

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    Hi every one. I thought I would get your thoughts on how you would treat/comply to seal a skillion roof at the high side with the roofing sheets running at 90 degrees to the flashing. Would you put the perforated sheeting or mineral wool under the roofing ...

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    Three weeks before PI Insurance is due and I'm getting calls from brokers cold calling. This has never happened before. AIS group and rapt partners looking to give me a quote. I already had Brics and Insurance House working on a quote (still waiting) ...

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    Yes that is correct there is also another standard for existing surface AS/NZS 4663 Slip resistance for existing pedestrian surface. This is not prescribed in the NCC but would be more appropriate. This is obviously a legal issue. I am glad the ACBC ...

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    I find myself in strong disagreement with many of these responses. The balance tank must be considered as part of the pool, because I cannot see what else it could be classified as. However there are wider concerns being raised. If we set aside the ...


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