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    Dear Members AIBS will not be responding to any comments or questions on the Professional Standards Scheme on this forum. Since the commencement of the Scheme, we have advised members to contact us directly if they require further information or clarification ...

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    Hi Darren Thanks for your response. On that basis, would you consider a window in an external wall or a partition wall in an existing room a "new part"? Both of these require approval in NSW so tick the boxes under 2.1(4) but I've had experts so that ...

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    Hi Che yes that's what's I mentioned previously ' but that is only mentioned under separating walls. Cl3.7.3.2' the extremal stair and deck would be an encroachment. ------------------------------ Michael] [Rendell] [State ----------------- ...

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    We have all been there right? You have completed your final inspection and there is a long list of items to be satisfied prior to issue of occupation certificate but the occupant wants to move in anyway. What are some of the best / funniest excuses ...

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    Hi Hayden, I hope you've been well! I agree with your interpretation and have always applied it this way myself. My view is that: 1. Only one UAT is " required for people with a disability" by BCA F2.4 (the second is voluntary in the context of persons ...


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