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    That's exactly right Steven, unfortunately it's been all to often of late that the Building Surveyor / Certifier has been "hung out to dry" when it comes to defects in buildings. This means more than ever, the conservative approach will serve our industry ...

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    Hi Tony All good points. If I understand your query / concern, my understanding/ reading of the bushfire standard regarding a garage, carport or similar roofed structure appurtenant to a dwelling on the same allotment in a Bushfire area is - - if ...

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    100% Frederick, we are all paying the price for that 'deemed to satisfy' clause in BCA 2016 and prior.... In my opinion: The subsequent changes made to the Code, after serious incidents, shows how unfit for purpose and inept the prior DtS ...

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    My thinking is much of our provisions are based on historical rules that unless proven wrong over time carry over to the next set of rules and so forth. when these rules came in, there was little or no science to it, well before fire engineering at least. ...

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    I am an Building Inspector in the Un-limited category. I require clarification as to when the reg 173 and reg 126 reports/certificates are required to be issued to the Building Surveyor, there seems to be industry confusion as to what circumstance each ...


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