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    Hi All, So I received a verbal response from ABCB, Example: NCC VOL 2 Part 3.8.3 Facilities, clause Construction of sanitary compartments. Clause contains the requirements and provisions for compliance with the code, There is no ...

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    Hi guys, I agree with Phillip in that the buildings are nominated their Type of Construction based on Table C1.1. If they exceed the floor area or volume of Table C2.2, one can apply the large isolated building requirements and if Table C1.1 permits ...

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    Hi Peter, The condensation train of thought is correct. The same question was asked at a HIA presentation for BCA 2019 (on Sunshine Coast) when it first came out. Kelvin Cuskelly from HIA (Assistant Director Building Services) was running the training ...

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    Hey All, Raging debate in the office, I have a 3 storey building class 2 not that it matters, there is a vehicle ramp abutting the external wall, well within the boundary's, ramp is completely under natural ground- no heat radiation from neighboring ...

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    I too have had similar dealings with these types of buildings recently. After considerable research, my view is that these buildings if intended for accommodating people with a disability are automatically Class 3. If it is a boarding house (i.e. not ...


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