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    I would treat each bedroom as SOU and separate accordingly. A suite of rooms SOU would be more 2/3 bedroom hotel separated as a whole. 1b can't be applied under residential care definition unless <10% need assistance and under person / size limitations. ...

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    Hello Stephen, I have also been tackling the use of wireless interconnected smoke alarms in a residential domestic dwellings. From my own research I have found that I have had to reference various sections of the different legislation in force and ...

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    Morning all, Thanks for the all replies and advice, it is much appreciated. DMIRS are currently looking into the matter and have stated that they will look at ways of making the certificates only available to registered practitioners & contractors, I ...

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    Hi Trevor, I raised this previously with SBRC the first time i went through this planning scheme and from memory we came to the same conclusion as the advice they gave you. If you look at the top of the Table for the Rural Residential Zone Code (Where ...

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    Hi Steve I've just sent an email to Caillam with some info on this, as I don't have your email address. I suspect the Ausco buildings you may be looking at have been designed/certified as Class 1b - without fire-rated bounding or acoustic separation ...


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