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    Hello Members! AIBS understands that it can be a difficult process for students and recent graduates to find a placement in the industry once you have achieved your hard-earned qualification and further understand it can also be the case for students ...

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    Hi Luke, Agree, NCC/ BCA can be vague or silent on certain matters, it cannot and does not capture every scenario, this being another example. As you are not doubt aware, the whole 'importance level' concept is applicable to building structural ...

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    Hi The term "... our colleagues" probably isn't the best language to use. It makes it sounds like they all work together under the one roof, so to speak. Ultimately I don't think this is a conflict of interest. One company recommending another (entirely ...

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    I recently came across a project wherein an LED ceiling tile system was specified. Link provided below to a website selling this product. I'm not sure if these products would be able to achieve the Group Numbers required by Spec C1.10 as I am having trouble ...

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    Hi Jeremy (all) In my view, the BCA does not properly address the 'fire related' provisions intended for external balconies, and is also largely silent (or light) on the provisions for roofs, leaving both such areas of a building open to interpretation ...


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