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    I think the 'KISS' principle is to be used in these cases. If it's a fence, then it's a fence and not 'building work'. I f it's going into or unto a building then it's 'building work' and needs assessment against the Building Rules. No 'ifs' or 'buts'. ...

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    Hi Mohammed, If the existing 18 units were installed on site prior to 1 May 2010 when the main DDA requirements kicked in to the BCA then there would be a possibility of a Dispensation / Performance Solution since typically demountable cabins cannot be ...

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    A member has contacted the AIBS office seeking assistance with an issue they are facing which they are keen to keep confidential. To assist, I am posting this on their behalf: They are dealing with a multi-storey office tower in a capital city, inclusive ...

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    Hi all (and season's greetings) I view the (overall) subject raised as complex no doubt varying to some degree State to State etc. For what it's worth, the BCA Guide for Part A6 Classification of buildings is (now) in the base BCA itself, no real changes ...

  • AIBS Employment Board

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    Dear Members Did you know that AIBS has an Employment Board ? If you are looking for a new position, don't forget to check in to see what new roles have been listed. Employers wishing to advertise employment opportunities within the Building ...


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