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    Hi Luke, Thanks for the suggestion and you've raised some very important points. Via its membership of the Building Codes Committee, AIBS can indeed influence which documents are referenced in the NCC. I share your frustrations with accessing ...

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    Thanks Tony for your advice, but we have already notified the VBA as to our concerns, Interestingly their first assumption was that I as the building surveyor, had been complicit with the non-compliance, just goes to show where we are at. I do believe, ...

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    Correction to my advice/opinion yesterday. I believe a stair is required for DTS access to the upper level although a Performance Solution could support an alternative such as a lift. We were involved in preparing a Performance Solution for a Class ...

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    The 'building', being the shopping centre should already have adequate sanitary facilities to serve the café tenancy. The only time this can be impacted is if the hours of operation are different and the shopping centre facilities are closed or inaccessible ...

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    Hi Donald 'Secondary Dwelling' is a planning scheme term and should not be a consideration in the classification of the building. Is the ground floor a separate dwelling? IE: Is it independent from the floor above in terms of access and facilities (Kitchen, ...


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