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    Hi Luke I get what your saying . The NCC is so performance orientated it leaves us open and pisses our clients off for being so called " pedantic." I suppose if you taught monkeys to blow whistles (in lieu of smoke alarms) and had a codemark ...

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    Hi Scott, I also request a Form 15 certificates from any competent person I rely on as part of assessing a building application, including fire engineers, access consultants and energy efficiency consultants (and anyone else who provides a Performance ...

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    Matthew, Good pick up! I agree its a ceiling lining. Not many people pick this matter up, and i have found it extremely frustrating dealing with clients on this matter. ------------------------------ Mitroklis Menelaou --------------------------- ...

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    Hi Caillam This is an issue that's come up a couple of times for me too. Generally, I have the view that once an awning has a depth greater than 2.5m, it has the potential to " contribute to the fire load ". Whether it does or not requires the use ...

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    Also, it does not mean that a dwelling with more than 4 rooms is exempt. A dwelling with four rooms falls within the scope of the standard and will only be exempt when any of the conditions in Part 4 apply. ------------------------------ Boris Krastev, ...


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