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    Good point Peta but I have no doubt no ill Will was intended with the use of "Gentleman". As you are pointing out we are all building surveyors regardless of gender and that would be the belief across our industry. But the reminder doesn't hurt :) On ...

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    As generally indicated by others in this trail of posts, Part F3 is more about amenity (minimum heights of ceilings in rooms and other spaces) whereas D1.6 for instance is more about unobstructed widths and unobstructed heights throughout required exits ...

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    Laurie/Duncan, we have had a similar application lodged a few years ago, for a home business for making bush liqueurs and was treated as a 1a scenario due to the 10% rule. The applicant in this case had bigger issues facing him from Racing, gaming and ...

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    Thanks Peter. ------------------------------ Ewen Jubb Accredited Certifier ------------------------------

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    Good Morning Peter, I agree with the approach you suggested - to discuss the issue with the fire brigade. The requirement hydrants to be located on the same level seems to be too onerous and seems to be lacking rationale. However I do ...


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