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    Danny I am glad for Tony Si's advice. This is excatly how I have been assessing pool barriers. The non climb zone must continue through a step but there is no requirement for the barrier to be 1200 high from any point standing on the upper level. I ...

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    For me the jury is still out on this issue. I sketched this up to confirm what Marcus Taylor is telling me is acceptable and he confirmed that he believes it does comply with Figure 2.8b - AS 1926.1 (2012) since the top of the lower fence is not within ...

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    Hi all Further to the previous pool barrier information We have received advice as follows Refer to diagrams below Having spoke to the team, we agree that the 'vertical step D' isn't a requirement. The requirement is maintaining the NCZs and ...

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    Jeremy I see this issue every month on average. Maybe gates on re entrant corners should be prohibited in the standard? Regards Marcus ------------------------------ Marcus Taylor ------------------------------

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    Not allowed. I believe the changes to part 3.7, mainly figures now make this clear. ------------------------------ Blake Christy Development Officer - Building ------------------------------


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