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  • Screw pile designs

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    Just wondering how others go getting suitable screw pile designs for domestic dwellings? Typically I see the footing engineer specify a SWL (say 75kN) and then state pile design to others, minimum founding 1.25Hs. We then get a piling contractor (excavator ...

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    Given the use of the office must be common with the dwelling behind, I'd suggest a Class 5 building with Class 4 dwelling behind, with a Common Wall between this building and the adjoining Class 1a.If there wasn't allowance for a common wall between I ...

  • RE: Positions Vacant

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    https://aibs.com.au/Public/Public/Employment_Board.aspx?hkey=1798c852-fa74-487a-a2e3-4916aaf6fde4 In case people aren't sure where this is, not part of Nexus board. ------------------------------ Luke Vethaak Building Surveyor - Unlimited VICTORIA ...

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    Hi Stephen, My office's comments: Are you prepared for 1 September 2022 adoption? As at 01/08/2022, no we would not be ready to assess against NCC 2022 on 01/09/2022. We are as prepared as we can be considering: the parts that haven't been released ...

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    Hi Darryl Have a look at the Appendix - explanatory information on the back of the current Form 15. In particular, the second paragraph under - Is a manufacturer or supplier required under the BR 2021 to complete and sign this Form 15 if requested? ...


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