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    To support AIBS advocacy on behalf of the profession, I'm looking for information regarding the prevalence of direct fix cladding systems. Direct fix cladding systems involve the application of a cladding material direct to the face of a frame, including ...

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    Hi Peter, I ran into this question earlier on in the year and there is a very helpful planning circular from back in 2006 (attached) that outlines the approval process and considerations that need to be made. Basically, if the building is deemed to ...

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    Ben I am a private builder inspector and a building designer and I use the AS standard conditions of contracts for major builder works where I am the superintendent. These contracts include the provisions of the superintendent to govern the building ...

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    Thanks Abdel & John, the BCA definition includes the engineer only has to be eligible to be on the NER, so I believe I can accept certificates from him given he's been a structural engineer for 40 years. Thanks again. Ross ------------------------------ ...

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    HI Peter, Thanks very much for the response. Unfortunately the councils up here have a standard "speak to a private certifier" response and are only happy issuing notices to the owner to rectify the works - without wanting to help them. ------------------------------ ...


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