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    HI Luke Not a straight forward decision in terms of classification BUT as class 2 there are deifnately separate SOU's as they will be indivudally occupied and more thay likely subdivided to suit. My thoughts: - If the carpark meets the definition of ...

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    Hi Phillip I got burned on this one a couple of years ago. I have always taken the view that the 900mm is measured from a wall. When you look at the Figure b, the 900mm measurement is clearly from the wall of the Class 10a to the boundary. As ...

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    Hi, I am currently looking into the Fire Authority requirements in South Australia and in particular the requirements for Certificates of Occupancy. I can see that Clause 83(4) of the Development Regulations 2008 requires a report to be sought from ...

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    Hi Wonsdor, At some time in the future Vic may catch up with the licensed trades able to certify their own work. To your second point...they have all been approved as a performance solution as there is no DTS, but (cover your eyes VBA)..... in past ...

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    Hi Hayden, Certis Group did a You Tube learning video on C2.12 a couple of years ago - please see link below - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuKdqrtXC0s YouTube Separation of Equipment The 30th in our ...


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