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    On 6 June 2024, the VBA issued the following to Victorian registered practitioners. Today, in response to member feedback, AIBS has issued an e-mail to Victorian members inviting discussion on how members believe industry should expect the discretionary ...

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    This is a question to QLD certifiers. I'm seeing quite regularly contractors applying for building approval whose scope of works or category of licence does not cover the aspects required for a project. Common example is 'Metal fabrication and erection-structural' ...

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    We have Cadets who have submitted there applications to Fair trade in February this year still waiting for fair trade to finish assessing their application. Last month they got a response to their emails asking what was happening to be told that the assessor ...

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    Further, I receive lots of enquiries from many people who want to import these homes from China. I simply advise them, that they are NOT build to Australian Standards and do not comply to NCC, Plumbing and Energy requirements. Forget about the structural ...

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    Thanks for the replies. My issue with this setup is that 1.8 of AS1684.2 clearly specifies that treatment to AS/NZS1604 is deemed suitable. I don't have the latest version of this standard, however the version I have doesn't deal with engineered/LVL ...


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