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  • RE: IAQ and Covid 19

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    That is one of my favourite topics – IAQ - indoor air quality and other similar. I am seeing the issue a lot more broadly, mainly what shall be the role and liability of the BS/Certifier. Overall BS/certifiers shall not be responsible for the approval, ...

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    1 & 2 - class 9b & 9b - students gathering - no money being made Top - class 5 - money being made (disregarding any covid 19 impact) ------------------------------ John Middlemiss ------------------------------

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    Gonna make some of the large & contentious projects, that have been through the SSD process and attracted lots of objections, interesting Allan! e.g e have a project just starting where the hours of excavation/rock hammering were heavily restricted on ...

  • RE: Home office

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    Hi Wondsor, as a student I was just looking at classes of building etc yesterday for an assessment. Would it be correct to say; Different classes of building should not be above/below each other, but if the lower section was originally a garage then ...

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    That all sounds like a step in the right direction, but the time for implementation is obviously required now. Until such time that a system is put in place to help us sleep at night, All I can suggest is to not just get a copy of a certificate which ...


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