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  • RE: External gates

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    Hi Mark, When trying to determine a compliance issue, I find it useful to clearly identify each possible non-compliance separately. Your question has mashed a couple of things together, which obscures the ability to identify the problem. I see no ...

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    Hi Luke, The Guide to BCA states " If the carpark serves a multi-classified building, the number of accessible carparking spaces required should be calculated by determining the number of spaces serving each of the classifications. " I do not know the ...

  • PI Insurance Options

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    Hi all, The issue of obtaining PI Insurance that is affordable and provides the required level of coverage has caused considerable angst and frustration with many surveyors throughout Australia. A colleague of mine has sent me the following link updating ...

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    It would be really good if people indicate which State they are based or working in to put into context the legislation they are working to Some of the comments I've seen doesn't make a lot of sense in the Victorian context Our Planners, for example ...

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    Hi David, As long as it has received consent from the asset authority, the angle of repose to the asset has been dealt with, it is compliant ------------------------------ Benjamen Wells ------------------------------


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